The Scottish Society of Middle Tennessee
The Scottish Society of Middle Tennessee
The Scottish Society of Middle Tennessee was founded in 1984 by individuals interested in perpetuating Scottish heritage. It is not necessary to be of Scottish descent to be a member. Our only requirement is an interest in Scottish culture, heritage, or Scottish performing arts.

The purpose of our organization is to:
  • Preserve and promote awareness of Scottish heritage and to educate the public concerning Scottish heritage
  • Perpetuate the enjoyment of, and participation in Scottish culture and traditions
  • Provide educational opportunities for persons interested in Scottish cultural activities
  • Contribute financial assistance to those engaged in related activities and instruction

We support and participate in a number of activities during the year, including:


SSMT Spring Fling, Kirkin of the Tartan, Middle Tennessee HIghland Games, Fall Feast, Scottish Country Dancing.

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A non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion, appreciation and enjoyment of Scottish heritage, traditions and culture.