The Scottish Society of Middle Tennessee
The Scottish Society of Middle Tennessee

Ms. Betsy Taylor (2013)hails from Scottish ancestry; her grandmother left Edinburgh for the U.S. in 1946 as a war bride.  Betsy has lived in Middle Tennessee for 22 years, currently residing in Franklin and teaches French at Battle Ground Academy.

Vice President

Mr Bill Lewis (2010-2011)Bill is of Scottish ancestry and has lived in Middle Tennessee for 25 years, and currently lives in Franklin with his wife, Christine. Bill is a software development manager for Verizon.

Ms. Sarah McClory (2019)

Ms. Suzanne Burns (2011): Suzanne Burns, lives in Brentwood. She is a member of Clan Campbell, NA, and is the several greats granddaughter of Duncan Campbell who was with Andrew Jackson at the Battle of New Orleans. Any relationship to Robert Burns, the poet, is probably just wishful thinking.


Mrs. Joan Campbell (2011-2012): The embryo of the current Scottish Society of Middle Tennessee was hatched at Joan’s dining room table over 25 years ago. She is an active supporter of the Society and numerous organizations throughout Nashville, where she resides.


Mr. Craig McClory (2013): Craig is a native of Scotland and has been living in the US for 18 years, currently in Brentwood with his wife and their two children. Craig is a Partner with Alvarez and Marsal's Business Consulting Group.


Mr. Shane Neal (2015)

Mr. Don Robinson (2013)


Ms. Katie Snyder



Past President

Alexa Baker (2015) hails from Falkirk, Scotland and has lived in the USA for nearly 14 years. She currently lives in Franklin, Tennessee with her husband and two children.


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A non-profit organisation dedicated to the promotion, appreciation and enjoyment of Scottish heritage, traditions and culture.